PadaMu ku Bersujud...

24 Oktober 2011

Hari-hari kebelakangan ini mengajar aku erti kedewasaan. Dari mata seorang sahabat, aku mengenal erti sebuah pengorbanan, erti kekecewaan, erti perjuangan, erti persahabatan dan yang paling penting mengenal semula kebijaksanaan dan kekuasaan Allah s.w.t, Tuhan sekalian alam.

Pengalaman sahabatku telah mengejutkan aku dari kealpaan. Walaupun berbeza pengalaman dan ranjau hidup, aku juga telah alpa daripada memenuhi tuntutanNya akibat keghairahan memenuhi tanggungjawab duniawi, . Hiba bila difikirkan kebijaksanaan yang dikurniakan ini tidak digunakan dengan sebaik-baiknya untuk lebih mendekatiNya.

Namun, aku bersyukur kerana pertolongan Allah ini telah membuka mata ku dengan lebih luas untuk hidup lebih berpaksikan agama Allah. Mungkin transformasi diri yang aku alami ini tidak se-drastik yang aku harapkan, namun ianya merupakan satu langkah ke hadapan buatku.

Dari mata kasar yang memandang, mungkin aku masih seperti diriku yang lama, namun biarlah, itu kata orang. Catatan blog ini bukan bertujuan untuk mempertonton keimanan yang cuma baru sejengkal, ianya sekadar satu rujukan untuk hari tua ku, agar aku sentiasa beringat-ingat.

Untuk sahabatku, aku turut mendoakan agar kau temui jalan yang terbaik buat mu dan kebahagiaan yang engkau cari. Amin.

Looks Like I Have to Bid Farewell to My Blackberry Bold 2

9 October 2011

It's 1:00 a.m. on 10 October 2011. I'm desperately trying to resuscitate my dying blackberry by performing a restore process. Its screen went blank after I dropped it on a cement floor inside Bora Ombak about an hour ago. Should all efforts fail tonight, I guess my only option is to visit the trusted Uncle Low Yat for his help after office tomorrow

Yesterday was quite a hectic day. I had badminton in the morning with the usual gang + RS. RS decided to join us to practice for the upcoming tournament that he'll be participating in. I was quite pleasantly surprise to see that RS can actually play. Takde lah superstar, but given the predicament he is in, he is not bad at all. As for me, I certainly hope that I do not have to take part in the tournament this year. I have neither the stamina nor the will ... so fingers crossed!

We were ready for lunch by 1:00 p.m. As KAH was also in town, we decided to get together for lunch. Bumbu Desa seemed like a good choice considering that some of us were starving. We went to the one at the Curve. We ordered quite a lot for the 3 of us to feast on. Post lunch, ke mana lagi if not Starbucks. :-)

(makan tak ingat)

KAH who is recovering from surgery seems to be progressing quite well. That's good news. After coffee and a series of controversial chats that we had, we went back to office before heading home.

At 9:00 p.m, I had another appointment at Bora Ombak with 4 gentlemen, of whom one is a friend of mine. They wanted my advice on an investment opportunity which appeared to be a scam. So, crisis averted!

After the meeting, I decided to stay on and enjoy a glass of 'monkey mocha'. The blackberry incident took place just as I was about to leave Bora Ombak. No regrets, I just have to be careful next time.

At Peace With Myself...

8 October 2011

I'm blogging again after two years. That's an achievement in itself. But that's not what I want to talk about....

I'm blessed! Allah has given me many things in life - that sometimes I feel undeserving of those blessings. While I do work hard for my career, the same cannot be said with regard to my preparation for the hereafter. There has been too much over focus on work - that I have neglected my relationship with God, while at the same time I continue to receive His blessings. It's like receiving gifts without saying thank you. How rude! So something has to change.

As I turned 36 this year, I began to reflect on my past choices and started to ponder the kind of life journey that I would like to have moving forward. While I certainly do not regret past decisions that brought me here, I certainly need to visit some of the outstanding issues put on hold in the past. The issues of life companion, growing old, relationship with God and my contribution back to my family and the society are some of the key agenda that I would like to address in the next few years. Career wise, I will also be undertaking new assignments early next year. Hence a comprehensive personal blueprint/transformation plan is necessary to ensure successful outcomes.

I'm grateful to a friend who is undergoing his own personal transformation (and to God's wisdom) for the many words of wisdom and advice. At last I'm moving in a direction to be at peace with myself to build my own life, a life that I know will not be perfect by any means, but will be based on principles that I uphold and things that matter to me. InsyaAllah, with blessings from Allah, things will be fine. Till next time :-)

My Confession

5 May 2009

My Confession (Afgan)

your smile brings light into my days
the tought of you ,warms my night
to hold you in my arms ,
even in my dreams it feels so right loving you

you never see the way i look into your eyes
you never realize the love i feel inside
pain and sorrow that haunted me
cause words i've left unsaid to you

now you found someone else to love
deep in my heart, my love won't fade away
to hold you in my arms
even in my dreams it feels so right loving you

I'm Blogging Again (Part 2)

4 April 2009

I have just arrived in Langkawi, feeling extremely sleepy as I had taken an early morning flight. As it is still quite early, I decided to chill out at the one and only Starbucks in Langkawi here at the airport. The resort is ready for me to check in, but there's no hurry.

So I decided to blog again.

This week has been crazy. My last 2 days (namely Thursday and Friday) were spent doing damage control. I also had the opportunity to interview the nation's brightest who are competing for our scholarships.

Not knowing how Thursday and Friday going to turn out for me, I made reservation at our resort in Langkawi and got my secretary to buy me tickets. Anyway, I need this rest badly :) I intend to spend about 3 1/2 days in Langkawi this time around. I brought along some books to keep me occupied. I can also breath a sigh of relief as I no longer have to travel to Washington D.C this month. My staff will be going instead. I hate traveling to that part of the world mainly coz it takes forever to get there. Their airport procedures can sometimes be quite 'leceh' as well.

I have not really planned my days in Langkawi. The weather seems nice enuf for me to go out and enjoy the many attractions Langkawi has to offer. But before that, I need to complete online assessment for my leadership profiling, submit my assessment for the interviews I conducted on Friday as well as prepare an urgent memo for my boss who is away. There are several follow up actions that need to be taken as well.

It seems as if Langkawi is not too badly affected by the current global economic downturn. Tourist arrival is still encouraging. Considering that this part of the world offers cheaper alternative for holidaymakers, it is encouraging to see 'business-as-usual' kinda environment here at the Langkawi airport. I might be wrong as I've not seen other parts of this Island.

Hmm.. what else. My sister seems to be doing okay in Kinabatangan. Her last sms a few days earlier indicated that she's settling down quite well with her husband. My only worry is the fact that my auntie is quite ill. She suffers a minor stroke and was hospitalised for about 2 weeks. I shall go visit her again once I'm back in KL. I better make a move now. Will write again soon... taaa..

Owh...before that, sebab terlupa bawa sunglasses, I bought this new Oakley pair at the Langkawi airport. I must say, I like it!

I'm Blogging Again (Part 1)

10 March 2009

It has been almost 3 months since I last updated my blog. My sister got married, I went on a solo hideout (naah... just short vacations) in Penang and Langkawi, my company had great success with our 50th anniversary events and above all, my life is now back to NORMAL again. Yeay!!

My sister who found her soul mate while in college finally tied a knot on her birthday last December. The whole wedding ceremony was simple and short. Of course I was there to lend my support. Kalau tak pergi, jadi buah mulut pulak nanti. Lagipun, I was the main sponsor.

After the wedding, my cousins and I went to lepak in Penang for a few days. Of course my main intention was to shop at the Zurina's. Spent about 4k there over a period of 2 days.

shopping tak ingat

tempat menginap

always at Gurney Plaza

I was busy the whole month of January preparing for our 50th anniversary events. I was practically in the office everyday from 9:30 a.m. to past midnight. On many days, I was working all the way until 3 a.m. I got so stressed out that I escaped to Langkawi over the Chinese New Year break. Thank God that everything went well as planned with only minor hiccups. I just hope that these kind of events only happens once every 50 years, coz it's a killer!! LOL

Office Improvement!

21 December 2008

Over the past few weeks, I have been making minor physical improvements to my office to make it cozy. I have purchased a number of warm lights and 'fake' plants, cleaned up my office and most importantly, replaced my 17-inch monitor with a whopping 32-inch LG Scarlet. Wallaa.... everything seems much better now. :)

The Redang Excursion

End August 2008

One week before Puasa, a group of us went to Redang Island to just get away from office and break away from the hustle-bustle of city life. I just wanted to rest. This trip was partly sponsored by the Persatuan. So it was very cheap.

We left KL on Thursday night by bus to Kuala Terengganu (KT). There were 30 of us altogether. So, memang lerr kecoh. Ramai yang aku tak kenal, but tentu dapat berkenalan nanti. Selepas subuh dan breakfast di KT, kitaorang naik bot ke Redang.

(waktu kat jetty tunggu boat)

Waktu sampai kat jetty, memula aku dah excited sebab nampak boat yg grand...alih2, naik boat kecik je. Hampeh!
(I dah berangan nak naik boat ni)

Dah le tu, boat tu pulak cakap for '12 passengers' only...walaupun dalam boat tu dah sumbat all 30 of us. (all 12 of us :-p)

Aku punya life jacket plak, punyalah kecik....nak zip pun tak boleh. So tawakal je lah. Nasib le perjalanan dari KT jetty to Redang kejap je. Fuuh! legaa.

We stayed at RedangKalong Resort. Quite OK lah resort ni. Aku tak le kekwat sangat, as long as ada proper and working toilet and shower. Aku dapat bilik sea front. Memang best. Nice view lagi. I was sharing with Sharil.
(santai depan bilik.. cuak gak takut kelapa jatuh :)

(right in front of our room... nice view)

Sepanjang 3 hari di sini, there were 3 snorkeling trips scheduled, plus ada team building activity. Disebelah malam nya pulak mainly activity bebas. I had my own plan. Instead of going on the snorkeling trips, I was busy snore-keling on my bed. Bongkang memanjang. Whenever, we have free time together, asyik main charade je. Kelakar gilerr... some were x-rated. Ha ha. Teambuilding activity pun best, habis pasir satu badan.

(cute squirrel)

(next door resort yang lebih grand)

(with nicer beach... damn!)

But no regrets larr...dah lama tak buat benda2 cam ni. We left early on Sunday and lepak KT disebelah petang. Aku, Sue, Diba, Liza and kawannya si Diba (merangkap tour guide) sempat pergi ke Noor Arfah, Pasar Payang, Pantai Batu Burok and makan nasi dagang. Memang berbaloi.
(till next time)

I will definitely come back again!

I was just Happy to Help!

August 2008

I have a friend whose husband was suffering from hearing problem. He needed to undergo an operation soon enough before things get worse. Under our company policy, his operation would be covered by us. However, our human resource department had taken sometime to process his application for this procedure. So I had to intervene to expedite the process (while, of course, ensuring that we follow proper governance and procedure).

He is better now. And my friend sent me these lovely cupcakes to say thanks. How sweet and thoughtful. Thank you dear... you don't have to. The cupcakes were fabulous by the way :)

I'm Blogging Again

18 October 2008

Yes.. It's true! I'm blogging again after almost 3 month-break. I have been very much occupied for the past 3 months with work and other personal activities. My sister is getting married end of this year. That's a good news. At least one of us, hopefully, will start a family pretty soon. There are so many things to update. I promised myself that I will find time to do so. I also now have a facebook account. Must keep up with evolution in communication technology lah kan...

I'll be writing more soon.... till then... ta ta.

Lunch with 'Aunties'

30 July 2008

I had lunch with my aunties today. Five of them altogether. Oh! they are neither sisters to my father or mother, nor the wives of my uncles. They represent a select group of women in our lives. In Malay term, they are known as 'makcik-makcik'.

'Makcik-makcik' as popularly known, have special characteristics associated with them. They normally wear tudung and baju kurung to office and are known to be the best reporter in town - even though the accuracy of news reported can sometimes be challenged :-p. Their baju kurung glitters under the sunlight, and with additional and right accessories, this office attire can be magnificently transformed into baju kenduri. 'Makcik-makcik' are excellent at multi-tasking and at any given time, can perform at least 2 tasks or more.

This is the story of my 'aunties'. We used to work together in the same department a few years back. From time to time, we get together to share news and update each other on personal development. This time around, I decided to treat my aunties for lunch at Sari Ratu. As I don't drive, one of them had volunteer to drive. Unfortunately, she was on MC today. So, another auntie quickly stepped in as a replacement driver. And so, the rombongan to Sari Ratu masih berjalan as planned.

When the 'makcik-makcik' get together (the correct Malay term is bersidang), you must be quick on your toes to capture the relevant information, as information flows freely and rapidly from one makcik to another. Today, I learnt so much about work-life issues including pregnancy issues, customer service issues, preparation for umrah, managing household as well as taking care of the beloved ones. Of course, a discussion about other aunties who are not part of this 'persidangan' has always been in the agenda...ha ha.....

To me, 'makcik-makcik' provide me with free marriage counseling/therapy, without having to really be married. Such session has both entertainment and educational values.

Today, we ordered a lot of food. We had two 'hidang' of lauk and really enjoyed each other's company. Long live my 'aunties'. We shall do this again soon....

The Dark Knight

27 July 2008

I'm so tired today. I don't feel like doing anything at all. Mainly sebab I had an action-packed day on Saturday. I think I broke my own record sebab aku ambik taxi sampai 6 kali in one day.

Pepagi lagi aku dah ke office sebab ada badminton at 10 a.m. Yang main geng2 biasalah, 5 of us kesemuanya. Habis badminton, kelam kabut aku mandi and bersiap sebab I have another appointment at 1:00 p.m. Nasib baik kat Gym masih ada air, sebab ada announcement cakap ada gangguan bekalan air on Saturday. Risau je aku, kot-kot lah tengah mandi buih segala....tetiba air takde... mampuih!

Pukul 12:45 pm aku dah terpacak kat Sogo. Ada appointment kat Clarins. Metrosexual aku ada appointment buat facial lah. 3 minggu sekali. Lagipun, my products pun dah nak habis, so kena beli baru. Belum sempat habis facial, one of my girl friends (girl friend yerr...bukan girlfriend!) called. Dia tanya aku kat mana... aku yang jujur ni bagitau lah yang aku tengah buat facial kat Sogo. She said, " Aiyo...pondan lah kau ni buat facial". Damn this woman. Nak tergelak pun ada, hangin pun ada.... Ke situ plak perginya. I told her that she is sooooo behind time lah....heh heh.

After Clarins, bergegas pulak aku ke City Square.

I had lunch at the Malayan Aromas. Punyalah TAK sedap nasi lemak dia. Kari ayam dia rasa macam air basuh tangan (not that aku pernah rasa air basuh tangan... andaian jek) Hampeh. Nasib baik karipap RM3 sebiji dengan White Coffee dia tu sedap. Kalau tak, memang lah menyesal. Lepas beli apa yang patut... aku ambik taxi ke KLCC plak. Aku nak cari jeans baru... tapi macam takde yang berkenan. I bought t-shirts from M&S, then gegas balik (naik taxi lagi).

Lepas Maghrib, gegas ke the Curve sebab dah janji dengan 3 orang kawan nak dinner and tengok movie. Sampai je kat the Curve, terserempak dengan my colleagues. Nasib baik tak pergi dating kat situ...kantoi nanti. I found this one jeans yang agak ranggi kat Nike Store... terus beli. Ala2 hip-hop lah sikit.... but I like. Sorang member aku sudah sangkut dalam jam. Hasrat nak gi dinner kat Bubba Gump terpaksa dibatalkan. We just had a quick dinner at one of the Kopitiams sebab nak cepat. Movie starts at 9:45 p.m. And for those who know me, they can vouch yang aku ni pantang kalau orang lambat bila pegi tengok movie. Nasib baik harini takde yang lambat.

Hari ni is the first time aku tengok movie kat Cine Leisure Damansara ni. I told my friend to get us the best tickets available there. So, dia dah beli tickets The Dark Knight for 4 of us untuk ditonton at the Platinum movie suites.

I like the ambience, macam business/first class MAS. Sah le, lepas ni aku akan datang sini jerr kalau nak tengok movies.

With nice velvety reclining chairs, I was in movie heaven. Nasib baik aku tak zzzz terus. The Dark Knight memang best. Better than most movies this year. I love the Joker the joke okay! Tengoklah, kalau rajin I'll write about it. Sampai rumah dah pukul 1 a.m. lebih. Letih!

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

Burning the Midnight Oil

25 July 2008

This week has been quite hectic... once again. We had been planning for a major press conference on Thursday. So, I spent many nights in the office prior to the event to ensure that everything will go as planned. On Wednesday night, a number of us stayed back until 2:00 a.m. Penat gilerr.... Anyhow, I believe in doing things whole-heartedly. So staying back this late is not really a problem other than I'll be too damn sleepy the next day.

The event went well. Or so it seems. Tapi ada lah jugak incidents2 yang berlaku yang tak dapat aku nak cerita kat sini.

Friday was not too bad. Business as usual. We had our own Star Search singing competition after Maghrib. I was pleasantly surprise to see new talented faces taking part in the competition this year. Dah 2 tahun aku tak masuk.... rasa macam veteran dah. Tengoklah kalau terbuka hati nak masuk in the future... ha ha. Aku balik awal coz I had another appointment, so tak sempat nak tengok the last contestant. To those who have won... Congrats!!
Burning the midnight oil
Meaning: To work late into the night. Originally this was by the light of an oil lamp or candle. More recently, the phrase is used figuratively, alluding back its use before electric lighting.

Food Indulgence

20 July 2008

A childhood friend ajak aku melepak malam ni. Dah lama aku tak buat kerja melepak kedai kopi ni, sekali sekala boleh lah terima undangan sebegini. Location -- Desa Pandan. Memang lah aku tak pernah lepak kat kawasan ni. Setakat lalu nearby Menara Polo tu adalah. My friend recommended char kuey teow kat situ. OK lah, quite nice and we stayed sampai midnight.

These recent few weeks ni, asyik makan jerrr.... Ye lah, aku memang tak masak langsung, so memang everyday makan kat luar.

Last week, 2 kali aku kat Marche. On Saturday, lepas badminton, aku had lunch dengan Aman there memandangkan rumah dia just nearby.

-Marche Movenpick-

Midweek aku pegi lagi dengan colleagues for lunch. Dah jadi macam ritual pulak, everytime I go to IKEA or the Curve aku akan lepak kat Marche.

da one afternoon tu, aku and colleagues had lunch kat the Coliseum. Dia punya T-Bone Steak memanglah excellent. Aku 110% sure fattening gilerr... haha


Another eating place yang aku frequent quite often these days is Sari Ratu kat Ampang Waterfront. Sari Ratu serves excellent Indon food, nasi padang style to be exact.

-Sari Ratu-

This is where aku and KKY selalu lepak for dinner. Selalunya lebih dari sekali seminggu. Kengkadang aku and KKY ke Kg Baru for Nasi Lemak. Other than that, I can be found at either Bora Ombak or Kopitiam. Kalau dah malas sangat nak keluar, then aku just have dinner kat LRT Corner.

Lunch pulak, takde tempat yang tentu kecuali Tuesday. Tuesday di Ayam Kampung Veledrome Cheras. Other than that, I'm quite flexible... makan kat office, ikan bakar, hartamas, ataupun somewhere near Sogo. Ikut angin selalunya...

Effective August 1st ni, I'll start my Herbalife regime. I month supply costs me RM600++. So tengokle ada perubahan ke tak, and whether there will be significant change in my dietary habit. Takut takde perubahan jek. Sekian.

Hanya Kau Yang Mampu

12 July 2008

I can relate to this song...

Hanya Kau Yang Mampu

-Aizat -

Ku cuba redakan relung hati,
Bayangmu yang berlalu pergi,
Terlukis di dalam kenangan,
Bebas bermain di hatiku….

Cerita tentang masa lalu,
Cerita tentang kau dan aku,
Kini tinggal hanya kenangan,
Kau abadi di dalam hatiku….

Harusnya takkan ku biarkan kau pergi,
Membuat ku terpuruk rasa ingin mati,
Derita yang mendera kapan akan berakhir,
Hanya engkau yang mampu taklukkan hatiku

Cerita tentang masa lalu,
Cerita tentang kau dan aku,
Kini tinggal hanya kenangan,
Kau abadi di dalam hatiku….

Harusnya takkan ku biarkan kau pergi,
Membuat ku terpuruk rasa ingin mati,
Derita yang mendera kapan akan berakhir,
Hanya engkau yang mampu taklukkan hatiku

Aku cinta ooohhhhhh…
Aku cinta oooooooo…